Review: Chicago


Ticket Type: Standing, upgraded to Orchestra

Viewing Angle:  7th Row Centre

Price: $25 Standing Tickets

Location: Ambassador Theatre

One would think that the longest running show on Broadway would be so entertaining that it would be essential to see during a trip to the big white way. Unfortunately for Chicago “longest running” just means you get a stale cast who perform as if they’ve done it a million times in a style which has become tired and desperate need of re-invigoration.

The standouts were by Jason Patrick Sands (Billy Flynn), R. Lowe (Mary Sunshine) and Bianca Marroquin (Roxie) who rise to the occasion, but seem to be held back by the lacklustre performance of the rest of the cast. Although Terra c MacCleod (Velma) looks the part, she seems tired when executing choreography and the normal show-stopping number “Hot Honey Rag” doesn’t present any connection between Roxie and Velma. Paul C Vogt. presents Amos worthy of a pantomime, but seems cheesy and out-of place even for this show.

The usual Fosse choreography is used but isn’t presented with the same precision and synchronisation that it required it to be impressive.

What makes this show pleasant to watch is the script, the fantastic score and what seems to be a skeleton of a visionary minimalist concept that used to break the conventions of musical theatre.


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