Review: Cinderella


Ticket Type: Orchestra

Viewing Angle:  Full View of the Stage.

Price: $60 from Tkts

Location: The Broadway Theatre

Cinderella is a fresh take on Rogers & Hammerstein’s classic musical with no expense spared on set or costume. This is by far the most elaborate show I have seen here and a refresh of the book has made Cinderella much more appealing for a modern audience.

Although there are a few notable songs omitted in this version from the original, the score sounds beautiful and full, the grandeur that most R&H shows deserves. The revised book written by Douglas Carter Beane presents us with deeper themes that extend the classic fairy tale beyond the dated Love at First Sight concept, such as the importance of positivity in social behaviour and the control of power in politics.

Paige Faure’s (Ella) performance is flawless and with witty quips and down-to-earth tone you revile at any point she’s on stage. Just as engaging on stage is Stephanie Gibson (Gabrielle) who gets the share of comedic lines even though we don’t really get to see much of her characterisation until Act II.

The most impressive aspect of this production is the quick costume changes from the misdirection to the previous costume just completely disappearing. It delivers truly magical aspect of the production.

The intricacy of the costumes is matched by the scale and detail of the set. Every scene you are immersed into a total new space. It is a splendid production and definitely a must-see show if you head to Broadway, it brings the most magic to a show since Wicked.


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