Getting Comfortable

What a busy week.


Above: Our Street, 82nd 
Our first day here and the weather has been a beautiful 30 for the most part. We started off our first day with a pretzel from one of the many many many food carts here. Then we headed straight to Central Park and although I’ve never been here before it’s uncanny how familiar it all seems. From the bridge overpass from Home Alone 2 to the fountain from The Producers...well the everything from The Producers. There was a marathon, baseball games, marching bands… This park is just so freakin’ huge! We found a nice place for breakfast which had a lot of organic foods and seemed fancy, obviously not that fancy as the final bill was only $20.

We then briskly continued our walk dow 7th Avenue when we saw a glimpse of sparkling signs and stopped. It was at this point Laura and I agreed that it was time for a silent disco. We grooved our way into Times Square with Frank Sinatra crooning and there are just a ridiculous amount of lights and screens. It’s just amazing that every street you look down there’s a theatre or two.

Very keen to see our first show we decided to try the ticket lottery to see Aladdin. The ticket lottery is the cheapest way to get tickets , you go to the box office 2 and a half hours before the show starts and put your name down on a piece of paper. They then announce how many tickets they have and if your name is drawn out you can purchase two ticket fora discounted price, these were $35…we didn’t win this time 😦
Due to our jet-lag we had dinner at 5:00pm at great vegan restaurant named Gobo, an Asian fusion style place that had so e of the best veggie burger sliders that I’ve had since becoming a vegetarian.

Laura was very excited to start her course and we decided to get started on exercise and walk the 69 blocks to her college at Captivate Studios every day this week. It’s a good walk that takes us straight past Trump Tower, Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building to the Flatron District where Laura’s college is located. Walking around in New York is an experience, which I’ll cover more about later in a future blog.


I made my way to New York University to checkout the campus and Washington Square. Such a sunny day, it was lovely to spend it lying on the lawn of the campus and practice my monologue. The campus is more of an extension of the city that it’s hard to tell where it beings other than the style of the street signs changing.

After checking out the sites I headed back to meet Laura after her course who had spent the day dancing tap, ballet and jazz as well as singing and performing her monologue from Bombshells. She was pretty tired, but smashed her class selection “auditions” so naturally it was time to go and get a drink!

Being a Monday there aren’t many show on, so we decided to check out Mamma Mia and we managed to get standing tickets for $27 – where you stand at the back of the stalls in a designated area, you can read my review of the show here.
I will fill you in on all the rest of the sight seeing in the next blog, so much more to tell you!


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