F*!k Fear: One year in Canada + 9 things I’ve noticed

A year ago, I had a decent job, a strong community of friends, worked on many different creative productions of different sizes and I had decided to move to another country to pursue something larger than the bubble I had been living in. A year ago, I was scared, but in all honesty, it has…

Review: Beauty and The Beast (2017)

I don’t think since Les Miserables has a movie had this much pressure on it to do the original justice. This is the fourth film where Disney have breathed new life into their catalogue of animated classics and I’ll tell you what, they’re onto something. Beauty and the Beast, directed by Bill Condon (Dreamgirls, Mr Holmes) is the…

Vegas baby! + New Orleans

  Touching down in Las Vegas is such a weird visual, you fly over seemingly endless orange desert and out of nowhere a mirage of buildings and lights just appear as you touch down. We arrive at the gate and straight away there is a bank of pokie machines and a sign right next to…

Oh Disney! Anaheim (Photos Below)

We arrived in LAX at 6:30am after a 14-hour flight. Both of us slept pretty well on the plane, well enough to head straight to our hotel to check-in and then to Disneyland straight away.   Our hotel we’re staying in is called the Annabella Hotel. It’s not bad, like most accommodation in Anaheim it’s…

2015 (and just the tip of 2016); it begins by looking back.

Aaaaaand we’re off! It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, not because I haven’t had anything to write about, but more so because 2015 (and the tip of 2016) was a very very busy period of time which has lead to the biggest decision I have made in my life. To move to Canada.

School Musical 101: Auditions & Casting

Casting…. I love the idea and it is essential to putting on a palatable show, but in a school environment with parent and adolescents’ minds it is one of the few dramatic aspects of a high school musical that Glee has captured correctly.

School Musical 101: Your Production Team

Now that you’ve sorted your budget and picked your show, the next step is picking your production team.  So, where are you going to find all these helpful people who are going to make your awesome show that is going to change peoples’ lives? I recommend that your

School Musical 101: Budget

Money, Money, Money, must be humorous in a monkey’s world…because their currency is bananas, not money… So probably the boring part of the process, hence the attempt of humour in the

A reflection: Pennant Hills High School Presents Annie

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I’ve been so busy with various productions and I thought now would be a good time to stop and reflect. I have always enjoyed working in theatre, but it has only been the past couple of years that

Review: Book Of Mormon

Ticket Type: Balcony – Limited Leg Room (didn’t make much of a difference for us), Viewing Angle:  Reasonably far back stage-right – could still see everything. Price: $69 from the box office Location: Eugene O’Neill Theatre The Book of Mormon is the funniest show I saw on Broadway. Trey Parker, Matt Stone &

Review: Avenue Q

Ticket Type: Orchestra Viewing Angle:  Third Row, far stage right. Price: $49 from half Tkts Location: New World Stages Avenue Q is unlike any other show currently on Broadway. It plays uses puppet design similar to Jim Henson inspired shows like The Muppets and follows a story with more adult content and songs.